1. Fork the repository you want to update 2. Create a branch in your repository (eg. "fix-foo"), choose one that's not already in use. 3. Add your fork to your composer.json ```json ... "repositories": [ { "type": "vcs", "url": "https://github.com//" } ] ... ``` NOTE: Don't update the `"require"` block, it will still point to the original `/`. 4. Install your fork from source: ```bash composer require --prefer-source /:dev- ``` NOTE: This means that you'll have your git repo cloned at `vendor//`, meaning you can update it in the context of your project and test it with your project. ## Links * https://snippets.khromov.se/composer-use-your-own-fork-for-a-package/ * https://stackoverflow.com/q/13498519/1393498 * https://stackoverflow.com/q/40914114/1393498