Full-stack Web Developer, DevOps Engineer

ndenc2@gmail.com | Brisbane, Australia

About me

I am driven by a desire to improve in every aspect of what I do which goes hand in hand with my love of trying and learning new things. I enjoy the fast-paced startup environment which thrives on the need always do things better and faster. In spend my spare time playing bike polo, doing Krav Maga and gaming.

Work History

Co-Founder & Senior Software/DevOps Engineer at HyraIQ - September 2017 - present

At HyraIQ we’re building a lease negotiation platform for high volume clients. Our aim is to drive the negotiation process from many months (sometimes greater than a year), down to a few days.

Since joining the team I have been involved in or responsible for many things, including:

  • successful user interviews and user testing
  • designing a great user experience flow
  • automating the DevOps and CI/CD processes
  • writing scalable and maintainable code

Senior Software Engineer at RedEye - January 2015 - September 2017

At RedEye I worked on their RedEyeDMS product, which stores and engineering drawings and data for some of Australia’s largest asset owners. Througout my time there I held many different roles and honed my skills in:

  • backend development of a large and complex system
  • frontend development of a solution that aims to “drive to zero” clicks for it’s users
  • implementing and managing the BAU process to work with users in order to solve their issues as quickly as possible
  • running the release process to ensure the team’s code is deployed quickly and efficiently
  • implementing an agile development methodology to increase the effectiveness of the team

Software Developer at Topcon Positioning Systems - January 2014 - December 2014

While finishing up at Uni I worked part time at Topcon as a programmer. I was able to apply the skills I learnt at Uni and to get a feel for how professional software development works. My most notable achievement at Topcon was building a C++ dependency manager and build pipeline that was used by multiple dev teams to speed up their workflow.

Side Projects

DingoPM - 2017

While working at RedEye Apps my colleague and I identified a problem with the way we were managing our issue registers when onboarding clients. After some initial investigation and user interviews we developed DingoPM, a collaborative issue log designed to increase commuincation around project issues.

I learnt a lot from buiding DingoPM from both a technical standpoint about building a new product from the ground up, but also from a business standpoint about the importance of user engagement and building a product that people actually want to use.

ShiftyBee - 2016

I participated in the 2016 Tanda hackathon with a co-worker. Together we built ShiftyBee over the course of a weekend which integrates with the Tanda API to allow Tanda’s clients (fast-food and retail businesses) to quickly replace a “ShiftyBee” - an employee who didn’t show up for their shift. With the click of a button it organises for an available employee to cover the shift. We were able to get a production deploy of the app up and running within two days, which was very exicting.


University of Queensland - January 2011 - June 2014

UQ helped me lay the foundations for a career in software development. My courses ranged from Operating Systems to Cryptography but mainly focused around my major of Software Design. I graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Volunteer Experience

Mentor for Django Girls Brisbane - 2016 & 2017

Django Girls is a global non-profit which helps women get into the software industry by running free one-day programming workshops. I volunteered as a mentor for the Brisbane workshops in 2016 and 2017. My role to help a small group of women to build a blog using the Django framework in Python.

Lead Mentor at CoderDojo Brisbane - March 2015 - September 2016

CoderDojo is a global movement of volunteers running free coding clubs for young children. I volunteered for the Brisbane branch which is run by the Brisbane City Council and runs two hour workshops for children during school terms. I taught the children aspects of software ranging from running a Linux machine, to building a basic website and using algorithms such as binary search.