• Make PhpStom automatically reload files from disk

    I often have an issue with PhpStorm where I switch to a terminal and run some commands which change files (ie. php-cs-fixer, git pull, etc), then when I go back into PhpStorm and continue editing I’m presented with this “Changes have been made in memory and on disk” dialog:

  • Parsing flags in bash scripts

    I’m very lazy. I don’t like to do things more than once. So, when I have to run a command a lot when developing (for example, to clear the cache, update the database or install dependencies), I will often write a bash alias for it so that I have less keys to press. However, sometimes these shortcuts I have are useful to the rest of my team, in which case I’ll put them in a Makefile, so that everyone can benefit and also update them. However, sometimes you need parameters being passed into the command which gets difficult with a Makefile, so I move onto a bash script.

  • Setting up HTTPS redirects behind an AWS load balancer

    The easiest way I’ve found to set up https is by creating a free https certificate with AWS Certificate Manager and adding it a load balancer. You then put a webserver behind the load balancer listening on http port 80 (because the load balancer terminates the https connection).

  • How to reuse packer builders

    When I’m setting up a new web app, I like to use packer to bake an AMI with everything required to run the app. Then I use some other tool to deploy the latest code changes to each instance.

  • BrisPHP News - 1 March 2018

    I organise the BrisPHP Meetup and at the start of every meetup I give a quick talk on recent news and other interesting things that have been happening in the PHP world. Here are the things I found intersting in the first quater of 2018.

  • Terraform refuses to destroy RDS instance without a snapshot

    Recently I created an RDS instance for testing using Terraform. Since it’s just for testing, I didn’t want to store a final snapshot when I destroyed the instance. However, when I ran terraform destroy I presented with an error:

  • How to fully support MySQL UTF-8 with RDS and Doctrine

    If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’ve realised that MySQL’s utf8 encoding isn’t really UTF-8, despite what it says on the packet. The reason behind is because UTF-8 stores characters with anywhere between 1 and 4 bytes, depending on the character. MySQL’s bodged up form of UTF-8 can only use 1 to 3 characters. There’s a bunch more detail about this which you can read about in the links posted at the end.

  • How to setup a Jekyll powered GitHub Pages blog

    I finally got around to creating a Jekyll powered blog running on GitHub pages, and it was much easier than I thought. There are only a few steps involved:

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