I often read something online and want to reference it weeks or months later. However I can never find it again. So here is where I leave all the interesting links I find that I don’t want to write an entire blog post about.



  • The PHP Security Advent Calendar is a set of 24 code snippets you’re presented with and have to find the security vulnerability.

  • A really great and in depth look at build secure PHP web applications by Paragon Initiative.

  • An entertaining read describing how easy it would be to harvest credit card numbers from a large portion of sites on the internet. Just by creating a dodgy npm package and getting other popular packages to depend on it.

  • An explanation of CQRS which keeps popping up everywhere but until now I’ve never really understood it.

  • Check if your site has an A+ security rating with securityheaders.com.

  • Not sure what a content security policy is? Content Security Policy 101 has got your back.

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